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GM Call

Just got off long call with our contact at General Motors. Our opinion? They are a great company, innovative and aggressive about new technologies for energy efficiency at their factories and very straightforward and no nonsense to work with. Looking forward to growing this relationship.

PS: On that Bronx Boiler Application...

PS... On the Bronx Boiler in the pics below... 6 coats on the boiler end caps (hottest area): Before temp: 260F after 4 hours measured: 150F. Only 1.5 millimeter thickness (0.0591 inches thick). That is nanotechnology at work preventing burn injury and reducing energy costs and consumption. Hoping this leads to 1000's of boilers in buildings in NY City and beyond!

Developments in Southeast Asia

Excited about the progress we are making setting up a manufacturing plant in Southeast Asia with a great partner there. Our business in the region is growing fast and manufacturing locally increases our profit margins while reducing landed cost and transit time to customers. A “Win Win”.

Press Release 01/04/18 | Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Provides 2018 Shareholder Update

NAPLES, FL—(January 4, 2018) - Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (OTC PINK: INTK), a global leader in nanotechnology-based energy saving solutions, today announced a shareholder update on company progress and corporate developments.

“Our strategy is working. Our first focus in Q4 2016 and all of 2017 was consistent profitability. Through cost cutting measures and increased focus on our more profitable product lines and customers, we have accomplished that task and we have accomplished 12 months of profitability through the end of 2017,” states Stuart Burchill, CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech, Inc. “Now we begin 2018 in a high revenue growth rate phase, created by continuing to cultivate and expand our relationships with our core customers and market sectors:

1) Fortune 500 Companies including, but not limited to: General Motors, International Paper, Toyota, Post, Shell Oil, Exxon, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Samsung, and Fluor Corporation. All of these companies are either currently purchasing the Company’s products and expanding their use throughout their organization or actively in the due diligence and education/training phase prior to implementation of the use of the Company’s products.

2) Worldwide Distributors including, but not limited to: three distributors and a growing team of independent representatives in the United States, and our current network of seven well established companies representing the Company’s products in England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Africa, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Pakistan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

3) New Product Development: The Company continues to work on new technologies including combined thermal insulation and corrosion prevention products that are not coatings and super high temperature thermal insulation coatings for release in 2018. Additional new products and technologies are in the early R & D stages.”

Stuart Burchill continues, “In addition, we continue to work to enhance shareholder value by increasing profitability which, in turn, we will utilize to fuel increased revenue growth while simultaneously cleaning up our balance sheet and capitalization structure and bringing our reporting and audit requirements current in preparation for application to list on a more senior exchange.”

Additional information will be provided to shareholders periodically through upcoming press releases and continually at the Company’s Facebook page and corporate website:

For additional information, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations Firm at:

Bronx Boiler Application

Boiler in the Bronx being insulated with our amazing thermal insulation coating on Nov. 14, 2017.